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I could not be more excited that you are interested in purchasing an album! Albums and books are my favorite printed product that I offer, since albums are perfectly suited to tell the story of your wedding or family…and I love stories.

Please use the navigation on the right to find out more information about my albums. The links immediately to the right will take you to galleries and descriptions of my different album offerings. When you’re ready to purchase an album, read about the steps of album production by following links under “the process.” And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Album Types The Process
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     Parent Album      Choose Your Favorites
     Guestbook/Portrait      Make Revisions

Fine Art Album

The fine art album is printed with archival ink on matte fine art paper. Each spread is .5 mm thick, so they flex just a little, but lay flat to allow for dramatic full-page photos. All fine art albums include 30 pages/15 spreads, but can expand to include up to 90 pages. Standard cover options are a full photowrap or standard leather. Upgrades available include 3/4 binding, cover mosaics, debossing, and upgraded leathers. Sizes include 10×10, 11×11, and 12×12.

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Flushmount Album

The flushmount album is perfect for those who want a deluxe album. Printed on premium photo paper, the pages are thick and luxurious. My favorite part of this album is the multitude of cover options that included – everything from linens, to leathers, to suedes. This album is truly an art piece, and will be a heirloom passed down for generations. The album includes 30 pages/15 spreads, but can expand through 80 pages. All cover options are included in base price, and it is available in 10×10 and 12×12 sizes.

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Parent Album

Parent albums are the same gorgeous quality as the fine art albums, but come with just a few less bells and whistles to make it an economical option. Thirty matte pages are included in this 10×10 album, but the album can be expanded to include up to 40 pages. Duplicate parent albums are an exact duplicate of the main album, except for the cover. Custom parent albums are an option for parents that want a personalized design based on their own favorites. All parent albums come with fabric covers.

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Guestbook/Portrait Album

A guestbook or portrait album is a fun keepsake for your wedding day or portrait session. Made with archival matte art paper, the pages lay flat for easy browsing, or signing, in the case of a guestbook. At 10×10, the album is the perfect size for a coffee table or bookshelf. Cover options include fabrics.

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Choose Your Album / Pricing
If you are getting a wedding album, you have a few choices between album type, size, and covers. If you are purchasing a parent album, guestbook, or portrait album, there is one only type and size available, so it’s a little easier… but you still get to pick your cover color! Please click on the type of album to jump to a page with photos and more info on the album type. All albums include 20 pages/10 spreads.


Fine Art Album

Beautiful albums made with art paper and a matte finish. Available with photowraps and leather covers.

  • 10×10 = $1000
  • 11×11 = $1200
  • 12×12 = $1400


  • Extra spreads = $45/each
  • Debossing = $100
  • Cover upgrades = $150

Flushmount Album

Luxe albums made with mounted lustre photo prints. Linen, fine leather, and Japanese silk covers available.

  • 10×10 = $1250
  • 12×12 = $1650


  • Extra spreads = $55/each
  • Cameo = $60
  • Debossing = $75/$125

Parent Album

Simple albums that are of the same quality as a fine art wedding album, but only support a max of 40 pages. Fabric covers.

  • 10×10 duplicate* = $450
  • 10×10 custom = $700


  • Extra spreads = $40/each

* duplicate albums are add-on only, with the same design as the primary wedding album.

Guestbook and
Portrait Album

Guestbook and portrait albums are hardcover books with fine art matte paper.

  • 10×10 = $400


  • Extra spreads = $40/each

Album Credit

What is an album credit?
I start all my wedding album orders with the purchase of a $1000 album credit. This serves as a first payment toward your album and also covers design time. A album credit is essentially a gift card that is applied toward any album that I offer. This method allows you the flexibility to make all final decisions on album size, type, number of spreads, etc until after you see the design. And, if your final album order is more than $1000, no worries! You merely pay the difference when you make your final order.

What does a $1000 credit get me?
My basic album is a 10×10 fine art album with 30 pages (15 spreads). The $1000 album credit will always fully cover this album, regardless if my pricing changes.

What if I am purchasing a guestbook, portrait album, or a parent album?
Parent albums and guest/portrait books are exempt from album credits. For these other types of books, I ask for 100% of the base cost up front.

How much is the album credit?
When purchasing à la carte or after a wedding, album credits are full price at $1000.
When adding on to a wedding package pre-wedding, credits are 20% off and are charged at $800.

Choose Your Favorites

After you have purchased an album credit, or chosen a parent/portrait book, the next step is to begin the layout process.

For wedding albums
Since my wedding albums are meant to tell the full story of the day, I make the design a collaboration between me and my clients. I know everyone has their favorites, so I ask that you pick your favorite 15-25 images for inclusion. These images will not be the only photos in your album, but will be my starting point to tell the story of your day. They should be your must-have photos; those that you love and cannot live without.

To choose your photos, visit your gallery, and select your favorites by clicking the heart icon on the image. Once you have your images selected, just shoot me an email to let me know you’re done! From there, I will begin the album design process.

For parent albums and portrait albums
Parent and portrait albums are less story driven, and therefore, I ask that you chose the majority of the images you would like included in your album, so that I can insure that it is exactly what you want it to be. For a standard 30 page/15 spread album, I recommend choosing 35-50 images. More images can definitely be included, but just be aware that it may result in extra spreads.

If you are ordering a parent album that is a duplicate of the wedding album, you do not need to choose any images. Your album will be the same as the bride and groom’s album!

Having a hard time deciding on your favorites?
If you’re finding that picking images is just impossible, I am able to do the entirety of the design without those 15-25 image selects, upon client request. However, this usually results in more revisions down the road, so I definitely encourage you to do your best to choose those favorites!

How to Make Revisions

After I have your image selects, I will design your layout, which usually takes between 3-5 weeks. As soon as that is complete, I will email you a copy of the layout with instructions on how to notate any changes you would like. I include a round of major revisions (which includes page additions/deletions, image touchups, as well as image swaps), and two rounds of minor revisions (image swaps only). Any additional revision rounds are charged at $100/round.

Once your layout is exactly as you wish, I will point you toward the online images of the different album types and covers, and have you select your final album choice. This is also where you can choose to add extras like debossing or cameos. After final payment and layout approval is made, I will send your album to the print lab! You can expect your album to arrive about 3-6 weeks after final approval.

I take personal checks, Venmo, and QuickPay/Zelle for album purchases.