Millennium Park ProposalJody & GarrettChicago

I’ve wanted to shoot a surprise proposal for so long.

As someone who loves the stories of weddings (the anticipation of getting ready, the excitement of the ceremony, and then the crazy partying in celebration), what could be better than getting the prequel of the wedding in the actual proposal!? Of course, proposals can be such a nervewracking thing that usually getting photos of the event is the last thing on anyone’s mind… but they’re so great. So much emotion and happiness!

I love, love, loved hearing about the proposal plans from Garrett beforehand, and then being so nervous for the actual event, and getting to share – even for just a little bit – in the immediate joy.

Jody & Garrett, even though I barely met you guys, I’m so excited for you as you start to plan your wedding. If it’s anything like your proposal, it’s going to be amazing! I hope your wishes in the stream were good ones!

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