Engagement :: Eileen & Stewart

Funny story with this shoot…

Eileen and Stewart decided on the museum campus area, which is a place I have shot many times. Day of the shoot, we all made our merry way there, and when Aaron and I arrived, we discovered there was a concert at Charter One. Now, with as many times as we’ve shot there, I’m surprised we haven’t run into this problem before… but we hadn’t. In addition, one of the areas we wanted to shoot around was technically “backstage.”

Aaron and I have been to our fair share of concerts, and oftentimes we’re at concerts working with the bands, so we’ve had to talk our way backstage on occasion when we lose a pass, or the pass list got screwed up. Luckily, our past helped us out. Since the show hadn’t started yet, we were able to convince the guards to let us go where we needed, and all was well. Thankfully. Lesson learned? Check the Charter One schedule when planning a shoot on Northerly Island.

Anyway, I’m so glad that everything worked out because I LOVE this session. Eileen and Stewart were effortless in front of the camera and with each other… they’re such super models. Their wedding is coming up in just a few weeks, so you’ll see them again soon!

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