Engagement :: Jill & Adam

I’ve been wanting to do a shoot at the Modern Wing for a while, and it was perfect to be able to shoot there with Jill and Adam because, from what I’ve heard of their wedding, I think it matches their modern aesthetic perfectly! We had fun exploring the museum during the session, since it was the first time either of us had been there. I’m sure we missed a ton of good spots, but regardless, I was loving the minimalism in the museum architecture. Turns out, my favorite shots of the day were not those that we spent a while setting up, but instead were the extremely quick shots we took in the elevator. Spontaneity for the win!? I need to make an effort to shoot in elevators more often!

Also of note, the day we shot was super wet and foggy, and of course, the photographer in me couldn’t let the heavy fog get away, so Jill and Adam were awesome and stuck out the nasty weather for a while at the end of the shoot. Despite me loving sun and the golden hour, I really adore the gloomy atmosphere in the last section of photos.

Anyway, these guys are getting married in June at the awesome Studio Paris, so you’ll see their gorgeous faces again in a few months!

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