Engagement :: Karla & Matt

This was a mini-vacation slash engagement shoot, because I have awesome friends.

The story of Matt, Karla, Aaron, and I is a bit long, so grab a cup of tea.

I’ve known Matt since college, since he and my hubby Aaron were classmates. Fast-forward several years, and both Matt and Aaron ended up working in the same department at that same university. Continue on, and I started working there too, although in a different area…however, Matt’s sister Bethany was working in my department. A few more years, and Karla started working there as well, which is where Matt and Karla met. Even though I ended up leaving that job, I loved watching Karla and Matt date as we occasionally met up at different functions outside of work. Eventually, Bethany spilled the beans that there might be some ring shopping happening (!!!). Lo and behold, one day we heard that Karla said yes, and a little while later, I got the fateful, “hey, so do you want to take a trip to WI?” text. Not only was the very dock you see in photos where Matt and Karla got engaged, but it’s Karla’s family’s cabin, so it’s a place chock full of happy memories. Clearly, I had to take her up on her long weekend offer, and I’m so happy we did. It was a great trip with bonfires, boating, and small-town exploration.

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