Milton Olive Park EngagementCarolyn & JonChicago

Three things to know about Carolyn and Jon:

First off, they’re hysterical. Since Carolyn works in my husband’s department, and since I’m friends with her sister and bro-in-law, I would see her around occasionally and wave, but I’ve never spent a long time with her and Jon. Thank goodness for hang-out time during engagement sessions; we laughed the whole shoot. It was fantastic.

Secondly, Carolyn and Jon are definitely meant for each other. At one point, they shouted the same thing at the same time. (And then we all laughed… because they’re hysterical, as mentioned in point number one).

And, lastly, Carolyn and Jon are getting married on Sunday. This Sunday. In two days. Make sure to follow my Facebook page to see sneak peeks!

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