Couple Session :: Heather & Landon

Heather said something that I loved when we first started talking about doing a shoot together: She said that she chose to do/buy things if they made her happy.

What a great and simple philosophy on how to purchase items, decide between two options, etc. Does it make you happy? If yes, proceed, if no, keep going. Of course, I’m a little worried that if I implement that decision-making process, my dinners will consist of mainly ice cream and chocolate and very few vegetables.


Clearly, Landon makes Heather happy, because these two lovebirds were smiling the whole time we were together. This shoot was a “just because we need new pictures of us and we’re embarking on a great roadtrip” shoot. Since Heather and Landon are already married and have done the picture thing before (plus, Heather is a Michigan wedding photographer), they were super comfortable in front of the camera, which not only made getting posed shots a breeze, but also let them fall into their natural selves a little easier. My favorites from the shoot are the shot of Landon giving Heather bunny ears, and Heather being a dinosaur (??) and cracking them both up. Those shots just seem so them.

Heather and Landon, you guys are super-duper….thanks for hanging out in the cold and experimenting with me. Come back to Chicago soon! Cupcakes are on me next time!

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