Posting to social media

I absolutely love when my couples share their photos to social media, so share your adorable selves with the world! With that said, here are some tips to make your photos look as good as possible online:


  • Upload one photo, and while it is uploading, make sure the “high-quality” option on the left is selected.
  • DO NOT post the image that just uploaded. Close that screen, which will delete the image.
  • From there, you can upload photos as normal, and they will look amazing!

The “high-quality” option does not take effect until the next upload, hence the 2-step process. Doing this will ensure your photos look clear instead of pixelated!


  • Use the high-resolution image instead of a screenshot
  • Keep cropping minimal (square crops, if using as much of the photo as possible, are not a problem – I like my IG photos square too!)

Link Love

Since most of my business comes from word of mouth, I always appreciate when photo credit is given for images posted to social media. Please use the following tags/links:

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Instagram: @redwallphoto