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  • Southport Lanes Engagement :: Caitlin & Ben

  • From the moment Caitlin contacted me, I just loved her enthusiasm and obvious love for her fianc√© Ben. She was adamant about shooting in a location that was meaningful to them, and suggested where they first met, Southport Lanes. I admit, I was skeptical about a bowling alley at first (I mean, most [...]
  • Engagement :: Jessica & Josh

  • I have come to the conclusion that only awesome people have destination weddings. I've done some personal research into this topic, so the decision didn't come lightly. You see, over the past year or so, I've done a few different sessions for couples that are getting married somewhere exotic an [...]
  • Engagement :: Mary & Ryan

  • Mary and Ryan are incredible people to hang out with. Our shoot involved stories about an ER trip for Mary in the morning (yet she was still full of energy for the shoot!), a discussion about Ryan's Clark Kent glasses, some trekking in Jimmy Choos, and a random encounter with a gorgeous willow tree [...]