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  • Ravenswood Event Center Wedding :: Elise & Nathan

  • The day of Elise & Nathan's wedding, I posted a photo to Instagram stating that taking wedding photos that day was pretty amazing. At the time, I was just ecstatic about the sunshine and warmth, since it was one of the first days that it was possible to comfortably walk around without a coat. But, [...]
  • Ravenswood Event Center Wedding :: Ari & Ted

  • I feel so lucky to have met Ari & Ted. I could say so many things about their beautiful summer wedding at Ravenswood Event Center, and about their adorableness as a couple, but in the interest of getting to the photos, I'll just mention a few things that stick out the most in my mind. To b [...]
  • Wedding :: Tiffany & Tommy

  • Holy party, Tiffany and Tommy! Generally, the last hour of the reception is made up of the same 20-30 people, and the dance floor slows down.... but, as you can tell by the end of this post, the party never stopped (in fact, I believe it continued elsewhere after the official end). I should ha [...]