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Sometimes I’m just amazed at how great it is to be a wedding photographer in Chicago. I spend every weekend in absolutely stunning locations, whether they are grand city hotels, vintage estates, or, in this case, an amazingly gorgeous vineyard. Yes, a vineyard, just an hour or so outside of the city. It’s a hidden gem (and the next best thing to going to Napa or Tuscany).

Even better than the Acquaviva Winery vineyard was getting to know Gwen and Mike. I wasn’t able to to spend much time with them until their engagement session just a week before their wedding, but I soon discovered that they were one of those couples that I didn’t have to pose because they just fit together (both literally and figuratively). We spent a while after the session chatting about their wedding details, and then about a myriad of other things (including cows!), which I just loved. After that evening, I knew the wedding was going to be great.

Of course, I wasn’t disappointed…their first look was one of the sweetest I have photographed and one of my absolute favorite moments of the day. It was filled with such genuine emotion that even I might have teared up a bit. My other favorite tidbit of the day was the inclusion of their incredibly sweet dog Ruby. Not only was it fitting, since Gwen is a veterinarian, but I loved how Ruby was labeled as “best dog.” And obviously, the day was gorgeous in location and weather, which is always a joy to photograph!

So, without anymore ado, just a few of my favorites from Gwen and Mike’s day:

People that helped make the day beautiful:

Hair & Makeup: Jaime Herst
Ceremony: Acquaviva Winery
Reception: Acquaviva Winery
Catering: Acquaviva Winery
Cake: Gina Minnetti (Friend)
Florist: The Petal Boutique
DJ: Music by Design
Coordinator: Amanda @ La’Di Events

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