Wedding :: Cassie & Jimmy

I hope you can tell from these pictures how in love Cassie & Jimmy are.  I’ve gotten to know Cassie & Jimmy through our talks and engagement shoot, and they’re one of those couples that don’t take each other for granted. They found ways throughout the day to show each other that they loved each other, through actions, as well as words – love notes before they saw each other at the ceremony, personalized vows, and a surprise serenade for Cassie.

As a side note, both from a photography perspective, as well as from an aesthetic perspective, I absolutely loved how everything was pure white at the reception.  It was so different from other receptions I’ve shot, and I adored how bright and clean it made the reception look.   It definitely fit the elegant feel of the rest of the day.

Congratulations, Cassie & Jimmy!

A few more details about the day:
Venue/Catering: Chateau Bu-Sche
DJ: Jim Mastrino


  1. by Daniel Dunlap on September 26, 2010  12:37 am Reply

    Love this set! The wedding looks like it was a great time and all the photos are magnificent!

  2. by Kyle on September 26, 2010  12:55 am Reply

    The dancing pictures are awesome, so much fun!

  3. by Shella on September 26, 2010  2:09 am Reply

    These are beautiful. Love the detail shots!

  4. by Bridget Francis on September 26, 2010  3:41 am Reply

    Love these - bright and happy and full of fun

  5. by Stacy McPeek-Smith on September 26, 2010  8:05 am Reply

    What a sweet moment! I can't wait to see more of this wedding!!

  6. by Thomas Lester on September 26, 2010  8:21 am Reply

    Gorgeous! We done throughout. Your detail shots are fantastic. Love the dancing. Especially love the bouquet toss shot.

  7. by Drew on September 26, 2010  9:34 am Reply

    Wow, your detail shots are incredible! Beautiful coverage.

  8. by Albert Palmer on September 26, 2010  3:16 pm Reply

    Wow, these are just incredible. You have a new fan! You really know how to work a scene and capture it in a simple but artistic way. Impressive!

  9. by A Story in Time on September 26, 2010  6:08 pm Reply

    This wedding is incredible. You captured so many beautiful images! I love them all.

  10. by matt stanton on September 27, 2010  6:48 am Reply

    Simply beautiful coverage, I love the style and that ring combination is just stunning!

  11. by adam on September 30, 2010  11:16 pm Reply

    Wow. Tons of great photos here. I bet the couple is sooo happy.

  12. by Heather on October 29, 2010  2:06 pm Reply

    Wonderful work! Clean and gorgeous, lots of style and grace.

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