Wedding :: Rachel & Phil

Okay, so every wedding dress is pretty… well, maybe not EVERY wedding dress… but I like to think that my brides have style, because I haven’t photographed an ugly wedding dress yet, but I digress. Anyway, wedding dresses are pretty, but Rachel’s wedding dress was gorgeous. I feel like if I were to buy another wedding dress (you know, just to put on for fun, or to go out to dinner in), it would be along the lines of Rachel’s dress because it was so my style. She kept telling me about the hoop underneath, and I was envisioning this big ballgown-type dress (a la Belle in Beauty and the Beast), but it was much more subtle than that. Though she still did look like a princess.

But, the dress wasn’t the only wonderful thing about the day. Obviously, Rachel and Phil themselves, regardless of their get-ups, are pretty amazing. Quiet on the outside, but fun and goofy when you get them talking, I enjoyed every second spent hanging out with them before and during the wedding day. And, if you need proof of their awesomeness, they had a reading from The Velveteen Rabbit during their ceremony. Adorable.

People that made the day great:

Makeup: Blend Beauty
Florist: Jewel
Ceremony: Rialto Square Theater
Reception: Rialto Square Theater
Catering: Polonia Catering
Baker: Polonia Catering/Creative Cakes
DJ: Tone Productions

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