Wedding :: Tiffany & Tommy

Holy party, Tiffany and Tommy!

Generally, the last hour of the reception is made up of the same 20-30 people, and the dance floor slows down…. but, as you can tell by the end of this post, the party never stopped (in fact, I believe it continued elsewhere after the official end). I should have expected this, since Tiffany and Tommy are friends with the fabulous Sarah and Gordon, whose wedding was ALSO a party.

But, aside from the awesomeness of the reception, I also love how genuine, caring, and outgoing Tiffany and Tommy are. Since they were in California up until just a few weeks before their wedding, I spent less time with them pre-wedding than most of my other couples, but they’re not hard to love, and I was immediately laughing along with them. Also, a little story about how sweet these two are… Tommy hired a singer to serenade Tiffany with the song “Stand By Me” in the morning, since they were going to be standing by each other at the altar shortly thereafter (and it was one of her favs). Adorable.

Oh, and big props to Tommy and his guys, because the boxers shot? All their idea. Genius.

People who made the day wonderful:

Makeup: Dustin Dougan
Hair: Ellen from Studio One
Ceremony: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Reception: Ravenswood Event Center
Catering: Ravenswood Event Center
Cupcakes: Molly’s Cupcakes
Florist: Anna Held Florist
DJ: DJ Gusto from Joe’s Bar
Trolley: Victoria’s Flying Lady

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