About Redwall Photo

In high school, my journalism class acquired one of the first digital cameras, and even though it used floppy discs, I adored it. Since then, I have been intrigued with captured moments, and have had a multitude of photography loves. I first learned how to take photos by photographing concerts, then was the photographer at a university for several years, and now, I spend my days documenting love and life in all forms.

I have shot approximately 200 weddings and countless sessions, and my goal for each has been the same: to unobtrusively capture those little things that make up your corner of the world. I know that down the road, the fleeting moments – a candid laugh, or a quiet hug – are going to be just as important to look back upon as the milestone moments. For that reason, I love snuggles at sessions, packed dance floors at weddings, and even your crazy uncle.

I love real life, and I want to document it.

About Tasha

In no particular order, a few of my favorite simple pleasures in life:

  • My hubby Aaron. High-school sweetheart, world’s best assistant, & sanity-maker.
  • My cat Zoe. She’s nuts, guys.
  • Coffee and adorable coffee shops. The Nutella mocha at Ipsento is my favorite.
  • Tea. For when I drink too much coffee. Todd & Holland feeds my addiction.
  • Instagram. I have two accounts – “work” and “daily life” – come be my IG friend.
  • Books. Mainly fiction, but I read almost anything.
  • Cookie Butter & Nutella. The best culinary creations since sliced bread.
  • Taco Trucks. The sketchier they get, the better the flavor is.
  • Beaches. Nothing is more calming than being around water.
  • Succulents. The cutest plants ever.

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